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Arc welding is a process of fusing a consumable metal onto a base metal. This as well as other related processes are used in a wide range of industries like transportation, construction, and industrial equipment manufacturing. New metal fabrication processes leading to improvements in arc welding technology, techniques, and quality have been developed in the past few years and they have proved to be very useful for many major industries.

Interfaces to integrate with any major brand of welding power supply is available as is adaptive laser vision to view the joint ahead of the weld electrode which in turn can identify and track the joint geometry before and during a weld. Multi-pass adaptive fill technology is also available

  • Adaptive laser guided vision
  • Real time path modification - RTPM
  • Pre-weld and post-weld inspection
  • Start sensing and touch sensing
  • Thru-arc adaptive fill process
  • Multi-axis positioners with cooperative motion
  • Tandem wire welding
  • Automatic torch calibration
  • Multi-pass adaptive fill

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