Sealing / Dispensing

Consistency The Key For Effective Operation

Robots score over human labour in certain tasks that are repetitive and require precision. For sealing and dispensing procedures, robots that can follow a specific path accurately and dispense specific substances uniformly are an asset. For these tasks, robots interface with material pumps, regulators and dispensing guns to apply uniform coats of sealants, adhesives, etc on specific parts.

We have developed automated dispensing systems of high-quality to meet the demands of sealing and dispensing procedures. The robot software is compatible to interface with a wide range of equipments and is also user-friendly. The use of such robots ensures precision, higher efficiency and reduced time.

  • Vision guidance (2D & 3D)
  • Complete sealer package
  • Bead optimization software
  • Collision detection
  • Conveyor tracking
  • Soft interface screens
  • Sealing & dispensing software

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