Scara Robots


The PF400 is the world's first collaborative SCARA robot. All of the contact forces generated by this mechanism are limited so that the robot cannot hurt a user even if it collides with them at full speed, making it safe to operate side-by-side with personnel. This low-cost, quiet OEM mechanism has its motion controller, harnesses and power supplies embedded within its structure to eliminate extra enclosures and simplify installation. This space saving design, together with a novel geometry, allows the PF400 to service many stations in an extremely small workcell. It is lightweight and ready-to-operate.

  • Features the embedded Guidance Vision-Guided Motion Controller that includes specialized algorithms
  • Simple but powerful programming language
  • Ethernet interface
  • Kinematics for Cartesian motions; and an
  • Embedded web server that permits the robot to be operated locally via a standard browser executed on a PC or a wireless tablet or remotely from anywhere in the world

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