6-Axis Robots


The intrinsic collaborative capability of the PAVP6 permits it to be safely used next to people without requiring safety barriers, which are expensive, consume a great deal of bench/floor space, and obstruct access to equipment. Furthermore, all control electronics and power supplies are built into the robot's base creating an extremely compact structure that eliminates extra controller cabinets, external harnessing and complicated installations and integrations. This space saving design combined with the robot's collaborative aspects, low cost, reliable mechanism and excellent position repeatability make the PAVP6 an ideal choice for applications that require 6-axis capabilities and where size, safety and costs are critical. It can interacting side by side with human counterparts and improve(s) both the cost and workflow of existing applications.

  • Guidance controller offers gravity balanced free mode teaching aids and excellent capabilities for automatically generating elegant and reliable motion sequences
  • Feature the powerful embedded Guidance Vision-Guided Motion Controller
  • Features a simple, yet powerful programming language
  • Includes a number of specialized algorithms
  • Kinematics for Cartesian motions
  • Ethernet interface
  • Embedded web server

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